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Traditional craftsmanship


FuLiLai Hotel Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde, a furniture production base in the Pearl River Delta. It is a professional manufacturer of hotel furniture integrating design, development, production and sales. The company has strong capital, spacious workshops, outstanding talents, scientific management, specializing in the production of "welfare" brand hotel furniture series. After years of persistent and steady development, it has developed into a professional hotel furniture manufacturing industry....

More than 600 employees
Years Professional Hotel Furniture course
60000 m² Workshop
Annual sales/million yuan


Every step of the production, we strive to strive for excellence

Engineering case

Be your own product, love others

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— Domestic engineering —

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FULILAI 4 big advantages

Every step of the production, we strive to strive for excellence


  • Twelve years of ingenuity to create "Welfare Lai" brand hotel furniture, gathering more than 600 professional hotel furniture talents dedicated to the world-class five-star hotel brand services;
  • We has won the titles of China's famous brands and top ten brands of hotel furniture in China for many times.
  • Only produce five-star hotel furniture fixing and movable furniture, strive to be professional and professional;


  • 60000 m standard workshop, with a large number of modern and mechanized production equipment;
  • Five-star professional hotel furniture exhibition hall, more than forty five-star hotel model rooms and public area exhibition;
  • More than 500 technical production practitioners over 5 years old;
  • More than 30 design teams of hotel fixtures and movable furniture for more than 5 years.
  • More than 30 factory quality control personnel escort the quality of products.
  • More than 60 senior site construction and installation service personnel complete the installation process for your project site;
  • More than 10 senior project managers are responsible for project site management and control.

03Superior quality

  • The products have passed OHSAS 18001 certification, IS09001 certification, IS014001 certification, 10-ring certification, CQC certification and many other domestic and foreign institutions.
  • Strict quality inspection, follow-up inspection, won the national quality credit AAA + enterprise;
  • From raw material processing to installation of the whole process quality control, strict control of each production process to ensure the output of high-quality products;


  • From the design, production, transportation, installation, after-sale process integration, so that your hotel decoration throughout the worry-free;
  • All fixing furniture and movable furniture in Hotel rooms, one-stop customized purchase of fixing and movable furniture in all public areas, save time and effort.
  • Fast response 24 hours, won the certification of after-sales service of Samsung Enterprise;

Win-win cooperation, the world's top 500 hotel strategic partners


Hotel Furniture Factory News
  • Marriot Hotel- 5 Star Newly opened in Indonisia

    Marriot hotel located in Indonnisia, 5 star, 500 rooms. All loose and anf fixed furniture are made by Foshan Shunde Hotel furniture co.,ltd.

    11 18
  • Welfare to hotel furniture project Nanchang Hongdu International Hotel officially opened

    Nanchang Hongdu International Hotel is a hotel renovated and renovated in the original Nanchang Hongdu Hotel. It is built and managed by Hongdu International Hotel Co., Ltd. according to the five-star standard. It will be unveiled with a new look. Hongdu Hotel, once one of the best hotels in Jiangxi, has won praises from all parties for its good reputation. It has received many national leaders and government officials. Jiangxi Nanchang Hongdu International Hotel, the hotel has 279 rooms and conference catering facilities, all fixed and event furniture are all made by welfare companies.

    08 16
  • Welfare comes to the hotel furniture product professional knowledge overtime training, diligently builds the elite team

    "people do not have, people have me excellent", from the appearance of products generally speaking, product appearance extraction mainly from the design style, shape, style, tone, material, new technology and other aspects. Fulai Hotel Furniture Co., Ltd. sales team in order to better serve customers, all members of the sales department use the night time to the workshop to seriously learn product expertise.

    08 16
  • How to maintain Hotel wooden Furniture

    Wood furniture has a natural texture, health and environmental protection, so it is favored by the majority of consumers. The selection and purchase of hotel wooden furniture is of course important, but the maintenance of furniture is not short. Furniture maintenance is good or bad, directly related to the use of furniture life, hotel wooden furniture should be how to maintain it?

    08 16
  • Tips for cleaning all kinds of furniture, such as log furniture

      Tips for cleaning log furniture; log furniture, available water quality wax water directly sprayed on the surface of the furniture, and then wiped with a soft dry cloth, the wood furniture will be bright and clean. If scratches are found on the surface, apply cod liver oil first and wipe with a wet cloth after a day.In addition, wipe with thick salt water, can prevent wood decay, prolong the life of furniture.

    08 16
  • Reverse thinking in innovative Design of Hotel Furniture

    Reverse thinking, also known as seeking difference thinking, is a way of thinking that reverses the direction of thinking and reverses the things or viewpoints that seem to have become conclusive, and makes an in-depth exploration from the opposite side of things to find a solution to the problem. For example, in the creative stage, we will think: why the chair is four legs, the sofa surface must be flat, why does the furniture have to be moved so hard, and so on.

    08 15
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