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  • Customer service manager
    Number:2 people
    Education:College or above
    Position nature:Full time

    Job description:

    1. College degree or above;

    2, 2 years of work experience;

    3. Familiar with the basic knowledge of customer service management and proficient in all kinds of office software;

    4. Have good communication and coordination, fast learning and problem solving skills, and have good teamwork and professionalism;

    Job requirements:

    1. Assist the project manager to collect customer needs and provide timely feedback;

    3. Collaborate with the R&D department to complete the testing and launching of customized requirements;

    4. Assist in the completion of project acceptance;

    6. Participate in the construction and optimization of the company's project management system, such as the summary of pre-sales tools, industry case refinement, and project management process optimization.

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