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Reverse thinking in innovative Design of Hotel Furniture


  Reverse thinking, also known as seeking difference thinking, is a way of thinking that reverses the direction of thinking and reverses the things or viewpoints that seem to have become conclusive, and makes an in-depth exploration from the opposite side of things to find a solution to the problem.

  For example, in the creative stage, we will think: why the chair is four legs, the sofa surface must be flat, why does the furniture have to work so hard to move and so on. In a nutshell, it's when we design, "Why not." In order to achieve "seemingly impossible or impossible" innovative design.

  Germany's Valentin Loellmann design of "N small legs" furniture has broken the previous furniture "four legs" pattern, each piece of furniture has many legs. This series of designs are very memorable, but the classical design shows a modern flavor, such a comparison can of course arouse people's interest, although the legs of each furniture seem to be thin, but very characteristic. As shown in figures 1-15 to 1-16.

  A new design idea, and the design that appears under the guidance of this new idea and new idea, will always come out for the first time. Whether it appears as individual or collective wisdom, it is often branded as a creator when it appears for the first time. After it came out, it may face different situations and prospects, that is to say, it may not be accepted by the public, nor can it survive and develop for a long time.However, this impulse and wisdom can be widely respected by society, and it is in this way that society has made progress and development.


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