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How to maintain Hotel wooden Furniture


  Wood furniture has a natural texture, health and environmental protection, so it is favored by the majority of consumers.The selection and purchase of hotel wooden furniture is of course important, but the maintenance of furniture is not short.Furniture maintenance is good or bad, directly related to the use of furniture life, hotel wooden furniture should be how to maintain it?

  1. The most important thing to maintain hotel wooden furniture is to protect the paint film, because the paint film is a protective layer, in addition to beauty, it also has the role of maintaining moisture and preventing moisture. Wooden furniture is not only afraid of excessive dryness but also afraid of excessive humidity.

  two。. Hotel wooden furniture should avoid pools, air conditioners, stoves and sunlight, and should not be placed on the wet ground and through the wind.

  3. Do not let alkali, acid, salt, hydrogen peroxide, turpentine, gasoline and other highly decaying liquids contact or soak the surface of wooden furniture, but also prevent electric iron, electric hot pot, cigarette butts, hot teacup and other supplies contact surface.

  4. Do not let sharp tools or other objects touch or hit wooden furniture. In order to keep the product fresh for a long time, please do not place overheated food and rough bowls on the table.

  5.-in general, wipe the wooden furniture with a clean dry cloth, or clean the furniture with a wrung-out rag.If there are oil stains and other stains, you can use diluted soapy water to clean, and then wipe with a dry cloth, pay attention to along the wood grain wipe.

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