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Welfare to hotel furniture project Nanchang Hongdu International Hotel officially opened


Nanchang Hongdu International Hotel is a hotel renovated and renovated in the original Nanchang Hongdu Hotel. It is built and managed by Hongdu International Hotel Co., Ltd. according to the five-star standard. It will be unveiled with a new look. Hongdu Hotel, once one of the best hotels in Jiangxi, has won praises from all parties for its good reputation. It has received many national leaders and government officials. Jiangxi Nanchang Hongdu International Hotel, the hotel has 279 rooms and conference catering facilities, all fixed and event furniture are all made by welfare companies.




  The hotel's modern and beautiful shape, exquisite and elegant, low-key luxury interior design, high-quality hardware and equipment, each frame of ingenuity design, each unique detail will make Hongdu International Hotel a very popular Respected hotel.





  The hotel is located on the bank of the Lijiang River, adjacent to the Tengwang Pavilion of the three famous buildings in Jiangnan, close to the exit of Yangming Park of Metro Line 2, walking distance to Shengli Road Pedestrian Street, Youmin Temple and Bayi Square. It is a 45-minute drive from Changbei Airport and a high-speed railway. The station is about 25 minutes drive away. The excellent location, profound cultural heritage and convenient transportation will add color to the development of Hongdu International Hotel.





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