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Tips for cleaning all kinds of furniture, such as log furniture


  Tips for cleaning log furniture.

  Log furniture, available water wax water directly sprayed on the surface of furniture, and then dry with soft dry cloth, wooden furniture will be bright and clean. If scratches are found on the surface, apply cod liver oil first and wipe with a wet cloth after a day.In addition, wipe with thick salt water, can prevent wood decay, prolong the life of furniture.

  Tips for cleaning rattan furniture.

  Adding a small amount of salt to the right amount of water and taking a small amount of salt water to wipe the surface of rattan or bamboo products with a clean soft cloth can not only decontaminate but also make it soft and flexible. Furniture with braided radians, such as couches, rocking chairs, reclining chairs, etc.

  Tips for cleaning stainless steel furniture.

  (1) Rust removal: rust can be wiped directly with soft cloth if it is not heavy, but can not be rubbed with hard object or sandpaper, let alone scraped with a knife. If you can't wipe it off with a soft cloth, apply it with pay, and then use warm water.

  (2) moistureproof: steel furniture is free of direct washing with water, and the surface dust can be wiped off with a dry soft or wet cloth. If there are traces of water on it, it should be dried in time.

  (3) Anti-collision: it is best not to collide when used so as not to fall off the paint skin.

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