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  • Dongyang World Trade Hotel
Dongyang World Trade Hotel
Dongyang World Trade Hotel Co., Ltd. is a luxury hotel managed by Zhejiang Huaxia Junyi Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which is fully invested by Zhejiang Huaxia Group and built according to the national five-star standard and entrusted “China Hotel Group Top 20”. The hotel is committed to creating the highest-grade, largest-scale and fully functional five-star hotel in the middle of Zhejiang Province, providing guests with a supreme luxury experience. The distinguished hotel business space is a symbol of identity, a derivative of wisdom, a tactical strategy, a win-win situation, an ideal business space, will occupy the advantage of the highlands, and add to the success of the chip. The professional planning team of Dongyang World Trade Hotel and modern business equipment facilities will provide a series of exquisite and considerate services for your business activities.
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